How to Protect Children Against Carpet Cleaning Allergies

How to Protect Children Against Carpet Cleaning Allergies

Little kids are more exposed to carpet cleaning allergies than adults and seniors because they often play around on the carpet. They inhale dust particles from dusty carpets and suffer diverse allergies. That is why taking carpet cleaning seriously is very important. Children are more exposed to allergies than adults that is why cleaning against carpet allergies must be taken seriously. Allergies do not always come from a dirty carpet, they can also come from chemicals used when cleaning the carpet. Carpet cleaning allergies agents like dust particles, chemicals, and bacteria buildup that can cause irritations for both adults and children. But allergies affect children more than adults.

How Carpet Cleaning Allergies Affect Children

Children often play on the carpet and roll on it when playing. They are the first to inhale dust and other chemicals that have polluted the carpet. The build-up of dust on a carpet can shake-off when users walk on it. Since they often stay on the carpet, the dust particle and chemicals will be inhaled, leading to carpet cleaning allergies, like respiratory problems and irritation. Adults also face the problem of allergies but it is much worse for children. Dusty carpets and chemicals are the main cause of carpet allergies. The effect of some carpet cleaning chemicals especially those that leave a residue behind after cleaning can be harmful.

Prevention of Carpet Allergies

1. Allow for use after 2 to 3 hours of vacuuming

Even vacuuming of carpets can also increase the movement of dust particles on the carpet. This is because carpet vacuuming works with air pressure. It is important that after vacuuming the dust should be allowed to settle within two to three hours before the room will be safe again.

2. Regular Vacuuming

Dust on your carpet must be allowed to accumulate for too long before it is vacuumed. This will ensure that the dust particles moving about each time you vacuum will be drastically reduced.

3. Avoid Use of Carcinogenic Chemicals

Chemicals present in some carpet cleaning solutions can cause cancer. A chemical like Naphthalene used in carpet and upholstery cleaning can cause many health complications like liver and kidney problems. Its fume also causes irritation.

4. Carpet steaming

Carpet steaming is not frequently required but it is considered safe because it does not leave chemical residue behind. It should be yearly depending on the user traffic on the carpet.


Everyone is at risk of carpet cleaning allergies, and the safest way to protect against it is to allow professionals to handle carpet cleaning. Apart from using the best industry standards, they can guide against improper use of cleaning chemicals.

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