To fully understand how effective vacuuming can be on your carpet, you must know how it works. Dirt and other dust particles often accumulate on the carpet. They are often not visible at first as your carpet can still look fresh for days even when soiled by dirt.

However, as the dirt accumulates on your carpet, it will appear to be absorbing it because, as your feet step on it the dirt, moves further inside the carpet until it cannot hold it anymore, then, they become visible on the surface of your carpet.

When it gets to this stage, it becomes difficult to remove the first because removing them may affect the carpet, causing them to wear and tear due to the dirt. Therefore, it is carpet vacuuming that determines how long a carpet will last.

By implication, a carpet that undergoes frequent vacuuming is less likely to have accumulated dust particles in it. Vacuuming is a measure employed to get rid of these first and dust particles from the surface of the carpet before they sink in and cause damage to it.

Carpet vacuuming is done by running a vacuum cleaner on your carpet to remove dust and other dirt particles from it. It has to be done more frequently to avoid the build-up of dust and dirt particle on your carpet

Vacuuming your carpet has to be a frequent thing, and it is part of the services offered at GreenTech-Carpet cleaning because of its importance in helping you maintain a fresh looking and long-lasting carpet.

We recommend at least twice a week vacuuming of your carpet if it is not used in a very busy place. GreenTech- Carpet cleaning is always ready to serve you.