Our carpet cleaning plans include; carpet vacuuming, carpet steaming, curtain and upholstery cleaning services among others.


Choosing a weekly carpet cleaning service is considered ideal especially when the carpet is located in a busy place where people carry out various activities.  In the course of moving around the place, dust from their shoes and even the air can settle on the carpet.

When that happens over time, the carpet is likely to lose its fresh look; it will not look as clean as it was when you first bought it and you may even find accumulated dust particles on the carpet. Dirt on your carpet can also make your carpet look rough. It will no longer be as soft as it was before because of the particles of dirt and dust which will make it look unattractive.

Besides dust and other dirt particle, substances spilled on the carpet such as coffee, pet urine, among others, can leave a stain on your carpet which may look very unattractive on your carpet. It can even be more if you have little kids that play around on your carpet. You may be tempted to think that they are permanent stains if you have tried to get rid of the stains by yourself.

Thanks to our weekly carpet cleaning plan which allows you to have your carpet cleaning done every week to ensure that your carpet looks fresh and new always. It will not get old too soon because of dirt and stains.


However, some carpet owners may prefer a biweekly arrangement that allows them to get their carpets cleaned once every two weeks. This category of carpet owners can have the carpets in their homes, offices, and other public places

The carpet can also be exposed to stains and dust too just like the one under the weekly arrangement but they prefer to have it cleaned once every two weeks. As professional cleaners, GreenTech- Carpet cleaning will equally deliver its efficient carpet cleaning services by removing accumulated dust and stains which due to long periods on the carpet look permanent.


Like other carpet cleaning plans, the monthly carpet cleaning plan is also suitable for homes, offices, and public places based on the nature of its use. But it is also a matter of preference for the client because GreenTech- carpet cleaning offers the best quality on all its carpet cleaning plans.

Our cleaning methods and equipment will get rid of dirt and stains that have accumulated during the one month. Irrespective of the materials used in making the carpet, we can carefully and effectively remove the stains from your carpet.

Your carpet will not lose color or freshness because we make use of the best products for cleaning which is authorized by industry regulators.


We have also made provisions to attend to your one-time carpet cleaning needs. This is available to everyone especially for carpets used in a large building.

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