How Effective is Professional Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning?

How Effective is Professional Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Wet and dry carpet cleaning are two important carpet cleaning methods. Both methods can be effective in cleaning the carpet to remove dirt particles within the fibers and get rid of stains respectively. Having a carpet on your premises, whether public or private, will make you a bit knowledgeable about some essential carpet maintenance measures. Most carpet owners that know about the wet and dry carpet cleaning must have tried one or either of them while trying to get rid of stains and dirt from their carpet.

There are uncertainties in the mind of most carpet owners on which method is the most effective for their carpet between wet and dry carpet cleaning. That is why professional cleaners are sought to provide the best carpet cleaning measure since it is assumed that they know the best method. The notion created by most carpet manufacturers that a carpet that is well maintained will last longer has also motivated people to seek the best carpet maintenance practices. When carpet cleaning is mentioned, people often want to know the type of cleaning that will be done because of their bias for one form of cleaning or another. While some prefer wet carpet cleaning. others think that dry carpet cleaning is the best option.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

It is right to describe wet carpet cleaning as the most common and preferred carpet cleaning method. It involves the use of certain cleaning chemicals along with a steam cleaner to remove dirt from the carpet. Steam cleaning always uses very hot water to clean the carpet after which it is vacuumed.

The heat from the steam cleaner helps to remove tough stains. It works effectively because of the heat and the chemicals that are used. Wet carpet cleaning guarantees deep cleaning because it reaches deep into the carpet, weakening all stains and dirt before it is vacuumed. After wet carpet cleaning is done, it takes some time for it to dry and some people find it discomforting. It is generally considered as the most effective carpet cleaning method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Those who prefer the easy way of getting things done will highly recommend dry carpet cleaning, which is equally effective in cleaning the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of some chemicals. The cleaning chemicals are sprayed on the carpet to absorb dust, dirt, and stains. It does not involve the use of much moisture like wet cleaning, so after some time the chemicals are then vacuumed off the carpet with the absorbed dirt. There is no waiting time after using the dry carpet cleaning method, it can be used almost immediately after cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is considered simple. However, it can leave residues of chemicals behind which may not be healthy for both adults, kids, and the environment. The use of chemicals that can harm humans and the environment is a limiting factor in this method. Although it is called dry cleaning, it involves the use of solvents and water but in smaller quantities. In the process of removing the chemicals and solvent, the carpet becomes dry and ready for use.

Making Your Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning Choice

The best way to choose between wet and dry carpet cleaning is to make your choice from a professional perspective. Professional carpet cleaners have a good experience, they follow best industry practices in cleaning your carpet and they consider which cleaning method is more appropriate between wet and dry carpet cleaning. 

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