5 Effective Tips for Maintaining Your Hotel Area Rugs

5 Effective Tips for Maintaining Your Hotel Area Rugs

Maintaining Your Hotel Area Rugs

Maintenance of hotel area rugs is definitely on the to-do list of hotels and recreational facilities. As businesses begin to reopen, a clean environment will be the best way to welcome clients who are trying to go on with their normal lives after lockdown. Taking care of all the hotel area rugs cleaning needs can be challenging especially if it is large.

Hotels make use of multiple area rugs that have to be clean for their client at all times. They will have to create a stable maintenance culture especially when they have a high traffic of users. It is easy for hotels to hand out contracts to cleaning companies but it is important if they have well-entrenched maintenance culture. Unlike carpets, area rugs are often located at special places that can easily get the attention of clients.

Important Tips for Maintaining Hotel Area Rugs

Hotel area rugs are often beautifully designed and can easily show signs of stains, dirt, and odors. These tips for cleaning area rugs will help organizations to strengthen their maintenance culture. Also, it will enable them to have some ideas about cleaning their area rugs when the need arises.

1. Detect Cleanliness by Rug Fibers

It is important to know when your area rugs need to be cleaned so that dirt does not accumulate. Cotton is considered lighter and more common for area rugs because of its durability. However, you must take note of the fact that the accumulation of dirt on your rug can weaken the fibers. The feet can also press dust particles down the rug until it accumulates and wears the fibers.

2. Removing stains quickly

Sometimes it is some specific areas of the rug that needs cleaning. Stains and dirt can be caused by spilled substances and dust from visitor’s feet. Since the rugs are of different sizes, it can be rolled up so that under the edges can be cleaned. Attention can be placed on those areas with stains and they should be cleaned as soon as they are discovered.

3. Regular vacuuming your hotel area rug

The vacuum cleaner will help remove dust and dirt from the rug. It is achieved by running the vacuum cleaner in an orderly manner on the rug until all sides have been vacuumed. The importance of vacuuming is that it prevents the build of dirt and dust particle in the rug.

4. Clean rugs and upholstery at the same time

Both services are related, so your professional vacuum cleaner can clean your upholstery too. They can also be booked together if you request for professional cleaning services. Area rugs and carpet face the same risk of dirt, stains, and odors.

5. Using common chemicals

Baking Soda is known to remove odors from rugs. It is seen as a deodorant that can be sprinkled on the rug after cleaning. Its effect lasts long and it is ideal for your hotel.


Maintaining hotel area rugs is very important because of the high user traffic that they experience. The gradual easing of lockdown around the world will also mark a return to the usual high traffic to hotels and more pressure on area rugs. A good maintenance culture will help to minimize wear and tear on your hotel rug.

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