5 Effective Steps for Cleaning Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet

5 Effective Steps for Cleaning Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet

Cleaning Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet

Most people rarely use carpets in their kitchen. Notwithstanding, they face a serious challenge cleaning cooking oil stains from carpet. This is so because cooking oil stains are found in food and can spill on the carpet.

Cleaning cooking oil stains from carpet is vital since stains do not just make our carpet to look unattractive, they can damage the carpet fibers too.

Steps to Cleaning Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet

Cooking oil risk leaving permanent stains if they are allowed to remain on the carpet for a long period. If you discover cooking oil stains on your carpet, then you need to clean the affected area as soon as possible. To do that, follow the steps below.

1. Put a cloth under the stain

To stop the fresh stain of cooking oil from spreading you can quickly put a cloth under it so that it can absorb oil that has already been absorbed by the carpet. If this is not done, the oil can flow to other places.

2. Apply baking soda

Baking soda is known for its ability to absorb moisture and cooking oil. It will help to absorb the oil and start your cleaning process.

3. Spread baking power from edges

You need a soft brush to evenly distribute the baking soda on the cooking oil stain. In doing so, start from the edges and spread it to the center. Spreading the baking soda should be carefully done to prevent the stain from affecting other areas.

4. Vacuum to remove it

After allowing the baking soda to absorb the oil for some time, you can vacuum the carpet using an appropriate cleaning solution. If any sign of an oil stain is left on the carpet, it will be largely unnoticed.

5. Allow the damp to dry

Allowing the affected area to dry after vacuuming is equally important. This will ensure that the damp areas do not get soiled again.

Why Prompt Cleaning Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet is Important?

A carpet does not become dirty by accident. Rather it becomes dirty as a result of the accumulation of stains and dirt that was not promptly cleaned. Therefore, prompt cleaning is essential in keeping a clean carpet. You can begin your journey into keeping a clean carpet by promptly cleaning cooking oil stains from the carpet.

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