Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Recommend Regular Vacuum Cleaning?

Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Recommend Regular Vacuum Cleaning?

Professional Carpet Cleaners and Vacuum Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of ways to remove dirt from their carpet, and carpet vacuuming is the most effective way to do so. It normally involves moving the carpet vacuum cleaner through the carpet twice in a week. There is no standard time to clean the carpet, but manufacturers advise that vacuuming should be done regularly. 

From experience, a carpet that is used in a very busy place can easily become dirty owing to the dust and stains from people’s shoes. The busier the place is, the easier it is to become stained. Also, it is the kind of place where the carpet is used that determines how frequent the cleaning should be. Professional carpet cleaners carry out the vacuuming of carpets professionally, based on some of the factors discussed above. 

Carpet Vacuuming As a Popular Option

On average, it is expected that a carpet will be vacuumed at least twice a week especially when it is used in a busy place. Professional carpet cleaners recommend this carpet care measure because it will prevent dirt from sinking too deep in the carpet. When dirt and dust sink too deep into the carpet, vacuuming alone may not get rid of them. You must have come across the caution that your carpet can easily wear out due to frequent vacuuming. Well, that is right. But what you may not know is the fact of what can happen when you do not regularly vacuum your carpet.

Those that promote the idea that frequent vacuuming of the carpet can easily wear it out are focusing only on the disadvantage of frequent vacuuming. It weakens the carpet fibers that are supposed to hold it together according to professional carpet cleaners. 

On the contrary, regular vacuuming of your carpet does not just damage the carpet or makes them weaker; it can strengthen them when the dirt is removed. If they are left uncleaned, they are still bound to wear out and weaken with the accumulation of dirt. Dust and dirt will keep sinking in until it starts to destroy the fibers and makes the carpet look old. It is all these that makes vacuuming a good option for your carpet. It strengthens the fibers of the carpet that have been flattened by the feet of the people in the busy place where the carpet is.

Other Carpet Cleaning Method

Apart from carpet vacuuming, steaming is also another method used by professional carpet cleaners for giving the carpet a perfect clean that is highly considered. It involves cleaning the carpet using hot water through a cleaning machine. Steaming is considered a very effective method in removing dirt from the carpet especially for carpets that have accumulated dirt over a long period. Also, germs and bacteria in the carpet will be killed by the high water temperature along with the cleaning solution. 

However, as effective as the steaming method is, carpet steaming is not frequently done on the carpet. This is because it works with high pressure and high temperature which damages the carpet fibers when it is frequently done. Unfortunately, without the high water temperature and pressure, it will not be as effective as it is. When a carpet is steam-cleaned more often, it weakens the fibers of the carpet and makes it look old. To avoid this steaming cleaning is done one in a long period or even once in a year. That is why professional carpet cleaners consider vacuuming as the most popular way to keep carpets clean. It is advised that after vacuuming your carpet weekly for a year it is important to carry out steam cleaning. 

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