Why You Should Always Vacuum Your Carpet after Cleaning

Why You Should Always Vacuum Your Carpet after Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very important because it removes dirt, stains, and germs from the carpet. It is done at intervals to keep the carpet free from dirt an soils. However, vacuuming is a daily affair especially for carpets in high traffic areas. 

Vacuuming the carpet should be a regular routine that all carpet owners should follow. This is because of its effect on residues and carpet fibers. Vacuuming is done using a machine which is moved on the carpet surface in an orderly manner to remove dirt.

Two Reasons to Vacuum Your Carpet after Cleaning with a Shampoo

Vacuuming your carpet after cleaning is good for these reasons: 

1 Residue removal

After cleaning your carpet, some chemical deposits may be leftover as residues. You can remove these residues when you vacuum your carpet after cleaning. Vacuuming to remove residue improves the appearance of your carpet and reduces the risk of health problems from chemical residues.

2 Fibers are strengthened

After cleaning the carpet fibers may appear weaker due to the moisture content. The fibers will be strengthened again after you vacuum your carpet. Residues often make carpet fibers to be sticky, attracting dirt but vacuuming removes them.

About carpet vacuuming lines

Do not worry about fears that vacuuming your carpet too frequently can wear out the fibers. If you do not vacuum your carpet and residues are allowed to remain on it, the fibers will be too weak to withstand soils. Also, they will wear out as feet continues to press on them.

While cleaning your carpet is a great thing to do, you must ensure that residues do not ruin your handwork. The most effective way to remove residues is by vacuuming.

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