How Long can a Clean Carpet Last?

How Long can a Clean Carpet Last?

“Clean carpet” has become synonymous with a carpet that is well maintained and regularly cleaned. Most carpet manufacturers specify 5 years as the life span of a well-maintained carpet but some carpets do not last that long. So, how long can a clean carpet last?.

Many people are bothered about having a carpet that will last long just like you. If you get to know what will happen if you maintain a clean carpet, you will be motivated to always keep it clean right from when you bought it.

What becomes of a clean carpet if you take proper care of it is worth knowing irrespective of what the manufacturers claim. It is a matter of fact that a dirty carpet will get ruined very quickly. Also, a dirty carpet has a life cycle too but it is one of ruin.

Carpets may last long or be ruined within a short time depending on how well they are cleaned. The life cycle of a carpet lies there-in.

At some point a carpet will become too old for use but it must be able to reach the the number of years specified by the manufacturers.

Below is a life cycle of a clean carpet expressed in photos showing how the carpet can retain its quality and fluffiness even after many years of use.

How Long Can a Clean Carpet Last? Factors that Affects a Carpets Lifespan

1 Buy good quality carpet

A clean carpet starts with good quality carpet material.
The first step to have a clean carpet is to buy one that is of good quality. The manufacturers often state the strength of the materials used on the labels. So whatever motive you have for buying a carpet, good quality must be given top priority if you want to enjoy the entire life cycle of a clean carpet.

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2 Use a door mat

You’ll have to get others to respect your care for the carpet by using a door mat or applying a no shoes policy. This will reduce the amount of dirt on the carpet and keep the fibers strong in all seasons.

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3 Regular vacuuming

Do not wait until your carpet becomes dirty before vacuuming it. Vacuum regularly even when there is no visible dirt. Do it at least once a week and your carpet will last a long time. You would not need to ask how long can a clean carpet last? if you have been getting professional help for your carpet cleaning. They know the right methods and cleaners to use to ensure that dirt does not ruin your carpet.

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4 Prompt stain removal

Stains can ruin a carpet. There are different types of stains that you should not allow to remain on your carpet. Stains like pet stains, spilled substances and biohazards need to be removed. You will need professional cleaners to get rid of some of these stains.

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5 Many years after your carpet will still be in good condition

If your carry out these carpet care measures promptly. Your carpet will still look great many years after.

You’ll be able to use the carpet just as you were doing when you bought it.  It will reach and possibly exceed the maximum years prescribed by the manufacturers.

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That’s how the life cycle of a clean carpet looks like with the support of experts such as Green Tech Cleaning. If you follow all the processes, you will have a clean carpet all through and there will be no doubt in your mind about the question how long can a clean carpet last?

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