5 Reasons why you need Bio hazard cleaning for Pet Urine

5 Reasons why you need Bio hazard cleaning for Pet Urine

Bio hazards are everywhere around us especially for those that love pets. Bio hazard cleaning for pet urine helps to protect pet owners from the dangers that pet urine can cause. When you find stains such as urine on your carpet, it is important to remove them as soon as you can. But it is better to allow a professional handle it than to expose your self to certain risks.

Bio hazards include all bodily fluids including urine and it can spread certain bacteria and contaminate food. Bio hazard cleaning ensures that you are safe from infection and contamination.

Bio hazard cleaning for pet urine includes urine from all pets and some household pests that can pass urine on surfaces and contaminate them. The affected areas are cleaned and disinfected without causing any damage to the carpet.

Bio hazard cleaning for Pet Urine?
Pet urine on carpet

Why You Need Bio hazard cleaning for Pet Urine?

1 Stain removal

Pet urine often leaves a stain on your carpets and other surfaces. Bio hazard cleaning first removes the stain on your carpet and surfaces by a thorough cleaning.

This will ensure that they do not sink deep into soft surfaces or spread to other areas when feet come in contact with them. The removal of stain and stopping them from spreading is the first measure.

2 Odor removal

Removing pet urine stains will not stop the odor. Pet odors can also cause irritation so they should not be left that way after cleaning. Biohazard cleaning of pet urine ensures that the odor is removed using the right method.

Cat urine is worse than dog urine on your carpet

3 Food contamination

If pet urine is not cleaned off the carpet on time, they can contaminate the food that comes in contact with them. Pet urine provide a breeding place for bacteria. Bio hazard cleaning for pet urine prevents bacteria from building up there.

4 Infections

A bacteria known as Leptosira which is found in pet urine can be transmitted to humans that come directly in contact with contaminated urine. Bio hazard cleaning of pet urine helps to safely clean pet urine and prevent the risk of infection.

5 Discoloration when dry

When pet urine dries on your carpet, they can cause discoloration because of their high alkaline content. This makes it difficult for pet urine stains to be removed because common soap cannot break the stain molecules. Discoloration actually begins when the urine comes in contact with the carpet fibers.

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