Beware of the 5 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Beware of the 5 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet cleaning using different methods is a great way to keep your carpet free from dirt, odors, and germs. But to achieve a great result, carpet cleaning mistakes must be avoided.

Different methods of cleaning the carpet such as vacuuming and steam cleaning are known to be effective against dirt and stains when they are done correctly. These methods are often used by professionals that ensure that a thorough cleaning is done.

However, if you are doing your carpet cleaning by yourself make sure that you avoid all the mistakes. It is better to avoid carpet cleaning mistakes by seeking professional help than to ruin your carpet.

5 Carpet Cleaning mistakes to Avoid

Below is a list of some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning your carpet

1 Using excess cleaning chemicals

Cleaning your carpet with excess chemicals can lead to residues on the carpet after cleaning. Residues are sticky and can make your carpet to become dirty easily if they are not removed.

Beware of the 5 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 1 Carpet cleaning
Carpet residue

2 Not vacuuming after wet cleaning

After cleaning your carpet with water and a cleaning solution, it is important to vacuum as well. Vacuuming will help strengthen the carpet fibers that were weakened as a result of moisture.

Beware of the 5 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 2 Carpet cleaning
Vacuum after cleaning

3 Not vacuuming in a regular pattern

Following a pattern when vacuuming will ensure that no place is left behind on your carpet. You will be able to achieve uniform cleaning.

4 Allowing dirt to accumulate
It is important to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week depending on the user traffic. Do not allow dirt to accumulate on the carpet before cleaning because it can damage the fibers.

Beware of the 5 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 3 Carpet cleaning
Accumulated dirt on carpet

5 Not testing a new cleaning product
Trying a new product that you have heard so much about sounds like a great idea but it is risky if you do not try it on a portion of your carpet first. The product might not be good for your flooring type. Some carpet cleaning products can bleach certain materials.

Carpet cleaning mistakes can leave behind different kinds of problems for your carpet, making it look worse after cleaning.

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