5 Places That Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

5 Places That Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are used in different parts of the home. They are even part of our properties such as cars. Residential carpet cleaning handles all aspects of carpet cleaning irrespective of the location of the carpet in your house.

They face different carpet challenges and have peculiar stains because of their location in the house. Residential carpet cleaning involves taking care of all the carpet cleaning needs of different parts of the house.

Residential carpet cleaning is aimed at removing dirt, dust and stains, strengthening carpet fibers, and getting rid of germs. Also, it needs to be carried out regularly too just like commercial carpet cleaning because of the risks involved in using a dirty carpet at home.

Places That Need Residential Carpet Cleaning

1 Room carpet

Carpet can spread across all the corners of the living room and improve the room appearance. However, the beauty that it adds to the living room can be sustained only if it is properly maintained. Residential carpet cleaning ensures that carpets in the living room and well cleaned.

A dirty living room carpet can increase the risk of irritation from dust for those with allergies and bacterial infection.

2 Room area rug

Sometimes a carpet may not spread across all areas of the room. It can just be within a certain area but it needs regular cleaning too. Area rugs are often in places that we make use of such as the living room or walk areas. We step on them with our feet and press on the carpet fibers, making them susceptible to dirt and stains.

3 House gym carpet

Your gym at home faces as much challenge of stains and dirt as a commercial gym if you have a carpet there. The difference is that the risk of infection might be lower. Your sweat can also fall on carpets and create an odor if proper cleaning measures are not taken.

4 Carpet on stairs

Carpets on stairs are such a lovely sight when they are properly cleaned and regularly vacuumed. The fibers can easily be weakened in the edges but that can be avoided with regular vacuuming. They are exposed to stains too.

Choosing a carpet

5 Foot mat

The small carpet where you shake off the dust from your feet before entering the room is covered under residential carpet cleaning. It needs to be cleaned more often because large dirt particles and soils are first deposited on it.

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