2 Negative Effects of Carpet Cleaning Residues

2 Negative Effects of Carpet Cleaning Residues

If you regularly vacuum your carpet, you will not have to encounter carpet cleaning residues. This is because excess use of shampoo is a primary source of carpet cleaning residues.

Residues from carpet cleaning have some negative effects that should be avoided. They affect both health and the appearance of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning residues are chemicals that are left on the carpet while cleaning. As a result of the high volume and concentration of these cleaning chemicals, they are not used up during the cleaning process.

To avoid residues, cleaning chemicals should be correctly used in line with producer guidelines. Also, regular vacuuming will keep your carpet clean for a long time and free from residues.

Negative Effects of Carpet cleaning Residues

1 With residues, your carpet will look worse after cleaning

Carpet cleaning not only removes dirt, dust mites and soils but also improve on the carpet appearance. When residues from cleaning remain on the carpet, it looks worse. 

These residues litter the carpet and beg for urgent attention despite the efforts that you’ve made in cleaning it the first time.

2 Carpet residues can be toxic

Butoxyethanol, present in many carpet cleaners are toxic and can cause health problems. Pets such as cats and dogs are at risk. The residues can get attached to their furs and paws. During self-grooming, the poisonous chemicals can enter their body causing liver and kidney damage.

3 They are sticky and attract soils

Carpet cleaning residues can attract dirt and soils, making the carpet to get dirty too quickly. Residues are not good for the carpet and regular vacuuming is the way to keep chemical residues away.

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