5 Tough Area Rug Stains to Clean

5 Tough Area Rug Stains to Clean

Tough Area Rug Stains to Look Out for

Tough area rug stains are big challenges to having a clean and attractive area rug in hotels, homes, public and private premises, among others. Unlike common stains that require some special methods to remove.

Having an area rug is much more than just having a floor covering. This is because area rugs appeal to the human taste for beauty and comfort. That is why they come in beautiful shapes and designs. They are often located in high traffic areas and they are exposed to stains. Some tough area rug stains need special attention. If they are not removed on time, the tough area rug stains can cause further harm to the area rug. They mostly make the sight of your area rug unattractive.

5 Tough Area Rug Stains to Look Out for

1. Red Wine

Red wine can leave a dark spot on your area rug and carpets if it is not removed on time. This makes it a tough area rug stain that should not be allowed on the carpet. If cleaning is not carefully carried out from the edge of the stain to the center, it can quickly spread.

2. Coffee

Coffee is equally a tough area rug stain like red wine. When spilled on the area rug, it can also spread to other areas and leave dark spots if it is not promptly cleaned. Because it tends to leave tough area rug stains behind, it is advisable to clean it with different clothes.

3. Ink

Once there is ink on your area rug, it will leave a stain behind. That is why isopropyl alcohol is used to remove the ink. It is applied first on cleaning materials which are then used gently on ink stains.

4. Cooking oil

Area rugs are not commonly used in kitchens, but if by any means, cooking oil drops on your area rug in any place, you will have to face a tough area rug stain. It takes an enzyme-based cleaner and steam cleaning to get rid of oil from your area rug.

5. Animal urine

There are many ways to remove stains caused by animal urine, but their effectiveness depends on how soon you start the cleaning process. If it is not removed, it will leave dark spots behind. They are considered a tough area rug stains because chemicals in pet urine can bleach the rug and change its color.

Cleaning to Remove Tough Area Rug Stains

A regular cleaning pattern will help to keep your rug clean and attractive but it won’t stop tough area rug stains from coming. You should be on the lookout for tough stains and try to address them as soon as they are discovered.

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